A New Kind of Online Attorney Directory Called "Lawyer Legion"

Update: In October of 2020, Lawyer Legion launched a directory of law schools in the United States, each with its own alumni directory.

Check out a new kind of online attorney directory called "Lawyer Legion." The website, www.lawyerlegion.com, just launched on March 22, 2013. 

All of the listings are completely free. In fact, no paid listings are allowed.

Lawyer Legion is a project of Internet LAVA, LLC, in Houston, TX. By way of disclaimer, my brother (who is 10 years younger than me) is the president of the company. I also own part of the company.

Building Better Membership Directories for Legal Organizations

Lawyer Legion was designed to work with different trusted legal organizations. Many of these legal organizations have a "Find a Lawyer" feature on their website.

Lawyer Legion created an easy way to feed over the member's profiles into the organization's own "Find a Lawyer" feature on its website.

Lawyer Legion has already partnered with several legal organizations. In fact, they just launched the membership directory for the NORML Legal Committee (NLC) which is comprised of more than 600 attorneys that support the legalization of marijuana.

More of these sites are coming soon. If your voluntary or specialty bar association or another type of non-profit legal organization needs a membership directory or even a redesigned website, then contact Lawyer Legion for more information. Send them an e-mail at support@lawyerlegion.com.

The Only Nationwide Directory for Board Certified Attorneys

The directory is also unique because it is the only nationwide directory that puts a strong emphasis on recognizing attorneys who are certified specialists in any state program or accredited national program. By using the directory, members of the public can narrow their search to find only board certified specialist attorneys.

The directory also features badges for membership or leadership within other types of legal organizations. It is still a work in progress but click here to see how it works for finding criminal defense attorneys in Florida. This is another example of criminal defense lawyers in San Francisco, CA.

Claim and Complete Your Free Listing on Lawyer Legion

The directory already has profiles for more than 100,000 attorneys. Especially if you are an attorney focused on criminal defense DUI, family law, personal injury, bankruptcy, and immigration, chances are your profile is already in the Lawyer Legion directory. Claim and complete your profile and let us know what you think.

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