Tampa Man's Habitual Traffic Offender Revocation

A Tampa man's prior conviction for driving while license suspended (DWLS) without knowledge under Florida Statutes 322.34(1) was set vacated and set aside on December 23, 2008 at the Traffic Court Division, Floriland Business Center, in Tampa, Florida.

The vacated ticket for DWLS without knowledge was one of the three offenses that had caused the Tampa man to receive letter entitled "Order of License Revocation, Suspension or Cancellation" from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) Division of Driver Licenses. That letter from the DHSMV notified the Tampa man that his driving privilege was revoked be the State of Florida for a period of five (5) years because of Florida Statute 322.27(5), the Florida Habitual Traffic Offender Statute. This driver has previously represented himself in resolving several prior civil traffic infractions without completely understanding the legal consequences. By hiring an attorney he was able to lift that habitual traffic offender status, clearing the way for him to reinstate his license.

By vacating one of the underlying offenses for a driving while license suspended without knowledge ticket received in Hillsborough County, Florida, the man will now be able to reinstate his Florida driver's license without suffering under the five year habitual traffic offender suspension. After a habitual traffic offender suspension an individual must serve an entire one year of revocation (without any privilege to driver for any reason) before becoming eligible for a hearing on receiving a hardship license. Additionally, many auto insurance carriers classify a driver as high risk and require higher insurance premiums for at least the next 3 years after such a suspension.

If you have been arrested for driving while license suspended, contact a Tampa habitual traffic offender attorney at the Sammis Law Firm by calling 813-250-0500 for a free consultation to discuss your case before you go to court or pay the ticket. If you have already received notice from the DHSMV because of a driver license suspension, contact an Tampa criminal attorney to see if that suspension can be vacated or set aside so that you can clear the habitual traffic offender status.

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