Tampa Drug Trafficking with 25 Year Minimum Mandatory - Attorney Discusses Recent Case Result

Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney, Leslie Sammis, discusses a recent case result in a drug trafficking case decided in Tampa, Hillsborough County, FL.

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Trafficking in Illegal Drugs (28 grams to 30 Kilograms) in violation of Florida Statute 893.135(1)(c)1c is a first degree felony that is punishable by a maximum of 30 years and has a minimum mandatory sentence of 25 years. This means that if convicted of that crime, the Court must impose the 25 year minimum mandatory sentence under many circumstances, and the client must serve that sentence day for day.

Filing and litigating innovative motions to suppress is often the most important part of fighting any drug trafficking case. These serious felony cases require a tremendous amount of work because your Tampa drug trafficking attorney must thoroughly investigate every issue in the case by taking the depositions of every state witness, filing the appropriate motions to suppress or motions to dismiss, gathering evidence to present at the hearing, and thoroughly preparing legal arguments addressing all of the relevant Florida case law on any particular issue in the case.

If you have been arrested for a serious drug offense such as trafficking in a controlled substance or armed trafficking in Tampa, Hillsborough County, FL, call an experienced attorney at the Sammis Law Firm to discuss your case today. Call 813-250-0500 today or visit our main website to learn more information about drug trafficking charges under Florida law at www.SammisLawFirm.com.

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