Hillsborough County Seal and Expunge Video

After an arrest it is important to preserve your right to seal or expunge your criminal record. The internet has brought a new level of transparency to all levels of our life. This level of transparency can cause a lot of problems when friends, family and potential employers can find a mug shot simply by looking on the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office (HSCO) website.

Even more problematic, some private data mining companies are creating profiles based on these mug shots which are optimized for the individuals name. In other words, if you have an fairly unusual name and enter it in Google's search engines, the first listing will be a website that has your mug shot and arrest information displayed.

Everyday I sit in court and watch individuals waive their right to an attorney and enter a plea to some misdemeanor offense. I wonder how many of them realize that an adjudication to that offense means they will never be able to seal or expunge any criminal record for the rest of their life.

Learn more about the seal and expunge process. You can only seal or expunge one record in your lifetime. If you have a series of arrest records related to one type of incident you should contact an attorney. Even separate case numbers can be combined in the petition to seal or expunge a record if you can show it was all one related "incident."

Read more about how we help people seal or expunge a criminal record in Tampa or Hillsborough County, FL, and the surrounding areas. Watch an informative video on the topic created by the Hillsborough County Clerk's Office:

Additional Resources

How Long it Takes to Expunge or Seal a Criminal Record - Learn more about why it takes an average of 6 to 10 months to expunge or seal a criminal record history in Tampa or Hillsborough County, FL. Also find out why you might need a lawyer to help you expunge or seal the record instead of trying to do it yourself to save money.

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