Ron Paul on Marijuana Prohibition at Federal Level: "Joint" Congressional Legislation

The forty year war on drugs is beginning to end. Congress is introducing legislation that would end marijuana prohibition at the federal level. Ron Paul sponsored the legislation. While other snicker, Ron Paul knows that ending cannabis prohibition will cut the drug cartel's profits in half over night.

Ron Paul Introduces Legislation to End Marijuana Prohibition at Federal Level

Think about it - the most commonly used drug in the United States and suddenly the Mexican drug cartel has no ability to make a profit by bring it across our borders. Even the DEA estimates that marijuana imports make up about 50% of the profits from drug cartels.

Law enforcement could spend their resources on more important matters. Think about this - at a local level roughly 15% of the arrests made are for possession of marijuana. That percentage is roughly the same from Florida to New York.

The Republican and Democrats can continue with the status quo. But Ron Paul may just come in to surprise everyone if he keeps standing on principle. This is not about keeping the dope smokers happy. This is about redefining the role of government. End marijuana prohibition is one necessary step in that transition.

The legislation is modeled after the Repeal of Alcohol Prohibition. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) introduce bi-partisan legislation today which will effective end the federal war on marijuana. Instead of prohibition, the federal law enforcement efforts would be limited to stopping marijuana and other drugs from crossing our boarders. In other words, regulating marijuana becomes the responsibility of the states not the federal government.

The legislation, called the "Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011" removes marijuana and THC from the five schedules of the United States Controlled Substances Act of 1970. So marijuana would no longer be a Schedule I controlled substance. Furthermore, the feds would be prohibited from going after adults who possess marijuana in state in which the substance is legal.

This new marijuana legislation would end the conflict between the sixteen states that have decriminalized marijuana and the federal government current enforcement tactics. States would be able to regulate marijuana on a state by state basis.

Ron Paul's Standing on Principle

If you favor the legislation then fax, call and e-mail your representatives in the House and Senate. Spread the word. Let's more the left and the right more towards a smaller federal government. Let's stop bankrupting this Great Country on wars we cannot win and cannot afford.

If Ron Paul keeps standing on principle, he can win this election.

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