Medical Marijuana in Florida in 2016

The fight for medical marijuana in Florida begins today. The Florida Secretary of State has approved the new petition to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. This petition will put the medical marijuana issue back on the ballot in 2016.

We must get another 700,000 validated signatures. So even if you signed the last petition you must sign this one to be counted.

The petition for 2016 addresses several of the the issues raised by the opposition to medical marijuana including the issue of parental consent.

It also explicitly requires that the medical conditions be "debilitating." Non-debilitating conditions are excluded.

You can sign and mail in the new petition.

In 2014, nearly 58% of the voters were in favor of medical marijuana. Because it was a constitutional amendment, it required 60% of the vote. Nevertheless, more people voted for medical marijuana than voted for Governor Rick Scott.

Click here to see the new petition to legalize medical marijuana in Florida in 2016.

Learn more about marijuana laws in Florida.

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