10% of Petitions Collected - Legalization of Medical Marijuana on the Ballot in Florida

The Campaign Manager, Ben Pollara, has announced that in just a few short weeks United for Care has collected over 10% of the petitions needed to get the legalization of medical marijuana on the Florida ballot. United for Care has less than five months to collect the other 90% of petitions needed. 

You can download print, sign and mail the petition found here -  www.unitedforcare.org/petition.

In order for it to be counted, they must be mailed to 

People United for Medical Marijuana
Post Office Box 560296
Orlando, FL 32856

Ben Pollara also pointed out that public opinion seems to be shifting even more since Dr. Sanjay Gupta produced a special for CNN and wrote an article in support of Medical Marijuana. He even went as far as apologizing for his previous public opposition to it.  

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